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How to Document Report Codes

Many clinics create Report Codes for Treatments and Inventory items because they want to know how much income they have from specific items or treaments such as flea and tick products, dentals, etc. Report Codes allow reports to be printed for specific treaments and items instead of all treatments and items. 

To create these codes, you must first define the available Report Codes in AVImark. 

  • From the CID, click Advanced Options (the wrench icon).


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  • In the Search field type Report Codes.
  • Then select Report Codes by clicking on it.


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  • Add all characters you wish to use for Report Codes in the Default Value box.

Next you can add them to your Treatments and Inventory Items.

  • Select Work With, Inventory List or Treatment List, double-click thetreatment or item to add or edit your Report Code. 


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Once these are created, you may forget what the codes are for. We recommend you enter these in Q & A. This way you can look them up months or years later.

  • Select Work With, Q&A.
  • Under the Category column, right-click New, type a category name i.e. Report Codes, and click OK.
  • Then in the “Questions for” column, right-click New, and add your report codes.


pic 3

















*There are 5 report codes that are preset by AVImark. L – Laboratory;
I – Injections; P – Prescriptions; S – Surgeries; V – Vaccinations


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