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Rapport’s New Mobile App for Pet Owners

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Rapport’s new mobile app for pet owners, Pet2Vet, lets your clients view their pet’s appointment history, access prescription information, request boarding, and even schedule new appointments directly from their mobile phones. Clients can request to have their pet’s vaccination records emailed directly to them for quick and easy verification. They can also schedule appointments based on reason, doctor, and availability.

If you currently use Rapport, we’ve provided you with a pre-drafted message template that you can send to your clients announcing the release of the new mobile app, with instructions for accessing it. You can find this template in your Rapport media center.

To access this template, simply create a client campaign as you normally would, and once you reach the email editor, choose Fill in Content. Open the Veterinary –> Pet2Vet directory and select the Pet2Vet Announcement email. The Pet2Vet message loads in the email editor.

To learn more about Rapport, visit http://shop.avimark.net/practice-solutions/rapport/


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