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Boosting compliance with Rapport

Activating Inactive Patients

Does your veterinary practice contain inactive patients – those who are past their service due dates, with no appointment on the schedule? Unfortunately, most practices do. To bring these patients back into the practice, we’ve launched some initial pilot campaigns, with the goal of:

  • Identifying inactive patients within AVImark.
  • Creating postcard and email campaigns within Rapport to test different offers.
  • Tracking response rates and incremental revenue received.

In each case to date, these campaigns “moved the needle” in terms of decreasing inactive patients and increasing incremental revenue. One practice treated an additional 183 patients during a four-week period – and gained an additional $22,000 in revenue in the process. Stay tuned as we continue to test different campaigns and develop best practices designed to help all of our Rapport customers activate inactive patients.

Did You Know . . .

. . . that Rapport offers two mobile apps to make life easier for you and your clients?

For you, Rapport’s mobile app puts your practice management software in the palm of your hand. You can view and edit your appointment calendar, access client and patient data, and even send mass email and text messages to all clients scheduled on a certain day. (This is particularly helpful during an emergency closing.)

For your clients, Rapport’s mobile app gives pet owners the ability to view their pet’s appointment history, access medical records, request boarding, and even schedule new appointments directly from their phone. Clients can also request to have their pet’s vaccination records emailed directly to them for quick and easy verification.

Contact us if you’d like more details!

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